Knowing Best Tourist Destination In Indonesia

Bali Visa Info – Indonesia is an archipelago country, this country having so many interesting tourists destination. If you are real traveler, you should hear about Indonesia’s fame as the most beautiful tourist spot in the world. Many tourists are planning to visit this beautiful country just to spend holidays or even for having business and duties.

Indonesia has so many beautiful tourist destination, starts from Sabang to Merauke they are having wonderful natural scenery. The nature tourist destination such mountain, beaches and rice-fields or even if you want to learn many cultures in Indonesia. In indonesia country itself, each region has a different culture and made this country having diverse culture. That’s why many foreigners want to travel to Indonesia, and most of them want to visit Bali island. Instead of just knowing that Bali is the only part of Indonesia that having beautiful tourist destination, we have other information about good place for vacation in Indonesia country. Here we collect the information for you

Raja Ampat Island (Papua)

First destination is Raja Ampat that located in Papua, the island that located at the eastern end of Indonesia. This place is such a heaven in the world, why? Because this is place that has the most complete underwater wealth on earth. For you who love diving, this place might be interesting for you. Because there are 540 types of coral, 1.511types of fish, and 700 types of mollusk lives in this wonderful island.

indonesiaKomodo Island

Komodo island is located in Nusa Tenggara island and having real habitation of Indonesia’s animal. In the komodo island, it is having several small island and sea water that contains beautiful destination such Rinca island, West Manggarai, Labuan Bajo, and Flores. You will see the real life of Komodo dragon in this island.

Rinjani Mountain

Rinjani mountain is the most beatiful mountain in Indonesia. The height of this mountain is 3726 and belongs to active volcano. For Balinese people, this mountain is one of sacred mountain among the 3 mountain such Semeru mountain and Agung mountain. If you did hiking in this mountain, you will see the exotic tropical forest, savanna, and also beautiful hills.

Belitung Island

This island having beautiful beaches view. The beached on this island is different compare to other beach in Indonesia. Several beaches that recommended for you such are Tanjung tinggi beach, Penyabong beach, Tanjung Kelayang beach, Lengkuas beach, and Keramat beach.

indonesiaBromo Mountain

Bromo mountain is the most popular mountain even for domestic or foreign tourists. This mountain is having mesmerizing sunrise view and also you can enjoy the beautiful expanse of sea sand. There is also teletubbies hill on there that you can go to get some pictures for your photos collection.

Ijen Crater

Ijen mountain is an active volcano in Indonesia, and also foreigners love to do hiking in this mountain. At the top of Ijen mountain, you will find vast blue crater lake and this is the biggest acid crated in the world. If you come on 1 am, you can see blue fire that comes up from the sulfur liquid.

Bunaken Marine Park

This marine park is the most popular diving spot since long time ago and become the most favorite place for doing diving for foreigners around the world until now. This place is having 20 diving spot and several height of the sea until 1344 meters.

Dreamland Beach

The dreamland beach is popular beach on Balinese island that having best view. The condition surrounding this beach was also clear and clean. The dreamland beach is really suitable for people who loves surfing, because the heavy waves in this beach will perfect your surfing!

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