Getting to Know Different Types of Birds in Bali Bird Park

bali bird park
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Visa Bali Info – Bali Bird Park.

Many things are presented on the island of the Gods for those of you who are on vacation or traveling with family, not only beautiful views of the beach or the cool nature of the mountains, man-made recreation areas can also be an attraction in itself.

One of them is Bali Bird Park. The Bird Park, which is located in Singapadu Village, has become one of the favorite destinations for tourists who vacation in Bali.

The school holidays will be the right time to take your children on a trip, the tours provided are of course educational in nature.

Bali Bird Park

bali bird park
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Since its establishment in October 1995, this zoo has an area of ​​​​about 2 hectares with a collection of about 1000 species of poultry from 250 species and a large number are rare and protected.

Being in Bali Bird Park Gianyar, it is as if enjoying birds in their natural habitat so that the largest bird park on the island of the Gods is a popular tourist destination or recreation for families, especially children and of course for children this can be an educational tour.

Children can get to know the wild and get to know rare birds from remote protected areas including bird collections imported from Australia, South America and Africa.

Types of Birds in Bali Bird Park

bali bird park
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South America: Scarlet macaw, Red Ibis, Great Mandarin, Rokoroko Ibis, Green-winged Macaw, and the world’s largest parrot, Hyacinth Macaw.

South Africa: African gray parrot, violet turaco, flamingo, gray crown tier, purple starling.

Sumatra: Brontok eagle, reed lathe, white crested hornbill, red winged parrot.

Borneo Sempidan Kalimantan, Kuau raja, Eagle-snake bido.

Papua Cassowary: single-gelambir, Chinese Pheasant, Nuri-raja Ambon, Delimukan emerald.

Java: Kacembang gadung, starling suren, Javanese eagle, celepuk reban.

Bali: Bali starling, rokoroko ibis, buffalo egret, flower guardian.

Bali Bird Park Rides

bali bird park
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  • Bali Rainforest
  • Basic instinct
  • 4D Theater
  • The Komodo Experience
  • Guyu Guyu Corner
  • Papua Rainforest Feed
  • Lory Feeding – Feeding Parrots
  • Meet the Bird Stars – Tourist Attractions in Bird Park Bali
  • Pelican Feeding

Location and Hours of Operation

Address :

Jl. Serma Cok Ngurah Gambir Singapadu, Batubulan, Kec. Sukawati, Gianyar Regency, Bali 80582

Operational hour :

Every day, 09.00 – 17.30 WITA

Ticket price

Entrance Ticket – Bali ID

Rp. 80,000 / person

Entrance Ticket – Indonesian ID

Rp. 120,000/person

Entrance Ticket – Overseas

Rp. 350,000 / person

Bird Park Bali Ticket Prices Include

Bali bird park HTM.

Includes all scheduled activities and shows.

Bird feeding activity.

4D cinema.

Photo Corner Guyu-Guyu.

Bali Bird Park Tourism Facilities

The Bali Bird Park tourist area is equipped with various facilities that will support the comfort of visitors. These facilities include ;

  • Spacious vehicle parking area
  • Canteen, cafe, restaurant
  • Clean toilet
  • Rest area
  • Lodging

During the school holidays, don’t forget to visit the Bali bird park, hopefully the reviews above can provide a reference for you and your family while on vacation in Bali.

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