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Culture in Bali

Bali Culture – People who comes to Bali not always wanting to enjoy the beautiful natures around there. We all know that Bali has so many options for having fun such beach, mountain or sea activities. For tourism promotion, Bali is identically with summer, sunrise and also sunset. That’s why a lot of hotel and resort promote their service and room by providing good view surrounding their place completed with infinity pool in every room. By having this service, visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery and cool atmosphere around them. But for some tourist, especially foreign tourist coming to Bali is not only wanting to enjoy the nature, but also to see and learn about Bali culture.

bali culture

Bali culture is interesting, it has their own unique and sacred. If you ever come to visit Bali you will see something like temple, or cloth wrapped on statue, and also flowers got installed in front of the house. This is proof that Balinese people still believe in God and sacred place. This might usual for local’s people there, but these are something new for foreign tourist because they never see like these in their country. There are several options for foreign tourist can be visited with friends, family or partner which is offering to get close to learn about Bali culture in the tourist spot.

Cultural Tourism in Bali

Here, we made summarize for the information about cultural tourism in Bali you might to know

bali culture

– Pura Ulun Danu Beratan

Bali has identic sacred place called Pura. Pura or temple is religion place for Hinduism. The Pura ulun danu beratan is sacred place to pray for God, Balinese people believe if they praying in this Pura they will get fertility and grace. It is located in Bedugul, Bali. The natural feel is beautiful, enhanced with harmonious blend of the existence of the temple in the beautiful Beratan lake known as the Bedugul tourist spot.

– Pura Luhur Uluwatu

This pura offering wonderful experience for tourist. How is it possible? This pura located on the edge of a coral hill with a cliff height of almost 100 meters directly connected to the sea. Pura luhur uluwatu is also give beautiful cliffs surrounding the pura and will be more mesmerizing when sunset’s coming.

– Tanah Lot

Another cultural tourism is tanah lot. This place is quiet famous around the world or we can say that tanah lot is iconic for Bali island. A temple located on a large rock in the middle of the beach, this temple is Hindus legacy of past history with various unique stories.

– Barong dance

Barong dance is popular balinese dance located in Gianyar, Bali. Barong dance performed at 9.30 for one hour. This dance is telling the eternal fight between goodness and badness in Bali,

– Pura Besakih

Getting know closer with cultural tourism, then you can visit Pura besakih. Pura besakih is the biggest pura in Bali and this place becoming the center place for celebrating religious ceremonies for Hinduism, making this place popular.

– Tirta Empul Tampaksiring

This is popular water park in Bali located in Gianyar, Bali. Because of the location is strategic, this place is being crowded full of visitors. At Tirta Empul Temple there is holy bath intended for people for ritual to remove all kinds of negative influences in the human body.

– Trunyan Village

One of the cultural tourism that can only found in Bali is things inside Trunyan village. This village has a different culture and tradition of burial than any other place. The dead body is only placed on the ground under the tree, uniquely the body does not smell dead body at all.

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