Fun Vacation By Riding ATV in Bali


Bali Visa – Enjoying holiday activities in Bali you can do with so many activities. One of the activities that you can try is to spend an exciting vacation time riding an ATV in Bali. Through this activity, you will be invited to explore places with natural nuances in a different way.

Riding an ATV in Bali is a tourist activity that you can do when you feel bored with just monotonous holiday activities.

In this ATV Riding activity, you will be taken around on a 4-wheeled motorbike that is able to go on all terrains by crossing villages with beautiful panoramas and very challenging tracks.

The usual route

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  • rice fields
  • Rural
  • Forest
  • Small river
  • Muddy and wet roads

Things to prepare and bring when playing ATV

  • Change of Clothes

This is important because you will be walking through the forest and mud so your clothes will get wet.

  • Plastic bags

For extra preparation, store wet clothes.

  • Sunscreen and mosquito repellent krim

It’s also important, sunscreen protects your skin from the sun’s rays during outdoor activities.

Mosquito repellent cream can also protect you when you pass through forests that are usually a lot of mosquitoes.

  • Camera

Of course you don’t want to go through various exciting vacation moments, do you, the camera or camera on your cellphone really helps you in capturing your vacation moments.

  • Extra money

Bring enough extra cash for your individual needs such as buying drinks or food after the adventure.

Here are the recommended places for you to try on an ATV

  • Ride ATV in Payangan Village

The Payangan Village area, located in the Kintamani highlands, promises stunning natural scenery.

You have the opportunity to see firsthand the beauty of Lake Batur which is so famous.

The routes that you can take when trying this activity are also very diverse, ranging from wet tracks, rice fields, orange groves, and others. The duration of playing ATV itself is approximately 2 hours.

  • Ride ATV in Bongkasa Pertiwi Village

You can try to ride an ATV in Bali in Bongkasa Pertiwi Village with a single ride or a tandem ride.

In Bongkasa Pertiwi Village, you can explore rice fields, gardens, and local forests that are still very natural. Wet track conditions also make this activity feel so challenging.

Tips for Riding ATVs in Bali for Beginners

  • Use Safety Equipment
  • Know the basic techniques of driving an ATV
  • Don’t lower your legs when the ATV is running
  • Don’t play ATV when under the influence of alcohol
  • Follow your ATV Guide Instructions

These basic equipment and techniques will usually be provided and directed by the ATV tour provider where you will rent it.

3 Cheap ATV Spots in Bali, the Best You Must Try

To complete the information about ATVs in Bali, we also recommend 3 cheap and best ATVs that you must try, see ;

  1. Jambe ATV Adventure

Located on Jl. Pura Dalem Tegal Tamu, Batubulan, Kec. Sukawati, Gianyar Regency, Bali. About 30 minutes from Denpasar area.

Jambe ATV Adventure invites you to ride an ATV Quad Bike in local villages, and can interact with local residents.

Then down the river to find waterfalls and ditches, rice fields and mud. After that cross in the middle of the cliff then enter the tunnel.

Single ATV Ride : 300,000/pax

Tandem ATV Ride : 550.000/ two people

2. ATV Silakarang – Green Bali Adventure

Located in the Ubud area, exactly 35 minutes from Jambe ATV to the Ubud route. This ATV provider is quite close when starting from Denpasar.

The tracks they have are like rice fields with rural views. Next is a small river with green cliffs on either side. Waterfall and Goa with Dragon’s head.

Single ATV Ride : 250.000/pax

Tandem ATV Ride : 400,000/ two people

3. Balaji ATV Adventure

Located in the village of Puhu, Payangan Ubud. Exactly about 30 minutes from the center of Ubud. This is one of the longest and best places to play ATV Bali in Bali.

Located in a remote area in the North of Ubud Bali, it offers an amazing experience Riding ATV on all terrains with long and challenging tracks. Find a great experience along rice fields, forests, rivers and natural Balinese villages that are not monotonous.

ATV Single Bali : 350.000/pax

ATV Tandem Bali : 600,000 / two people

Hopefully the information we reviewed above about ATVs can provide your reference regarding ATV quad bikes in Bali, it’s time for you to have a vacation with new things, happy holidays.

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