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Fascinating Bali Cultures

Bali Visa Info – Having holiday in Bali island will have so much things to offer. Not only natural tourism which provided there but Bali culture is also becomes unique and interesting place to enjoy. This is will be very amazing for you who just visit this island for the first time. Coming to this amazing island with your family or friends will be very fun because you can enjoy natural tourism coupled with unique Bali culture. In this article, we will discuss about what kind of Bali cultures which are still preserved until today and cultural heritage from the ancestors.

Local Cultures Of Bali Island

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There are so many local cultures that related with the past in this island, and some of them are still exists until today. This cultures makes this beautiful island has their own distinctive feature. This is also supported by the local people who maintain the existence and identity from many cultural onslaughts from outside. The technological developments are growing rapidly might be affecting the mindset of the local people too, but in fact they are still believing their history and preserved it until now. Local people see these customs and cultures as common things in their daily life but due to Bali island become destination for tourists from all around the world, their customs and cultures are something unique and interesting to see. They’ll try to know and understand what that mean and what is the purpose doing that. Besides from the religion tradition that happened in Bali island, there are also local cultures that still maintained well and sustainable

  • Balinese traditional clothes

    People still wearing traditional clothes of Bali island for religion ceremonies or wedding. That traditional clothes has been created for both women and men. They are having many kinds of traditional clothing depends on the events to be attended.

  • Balinese name

    bali culturesLocal people usually using their Balinese name such Wayan,Gede,or Putu for the first child. And then Kadek, Made for the second child. The third child use Nyoman or Komang and The fourth will be used Ketut. Their named program is using for Balinese family planning in ancient times.

  • Balinese traditional house

    If Balinese people are going to make house, they will consider about the rules in making yards and build traditional house. They will also consider to meet the aspects of worship place, environment and the occupants of the house, all important values and philosophies for architecture of house and yard. But at this time, some of the local people in Bali island not completing those aspects due to place and budget. After all, even though not all aspects applied on their house, they still consider basic aspects such as worship place.

  • Balinese folk art

    There are so many arts in each regions of Bali island. The most popular one is Kecak Dance. Folk art in the dance form is usually done to show to general public and now it is performed to entertain visitors or tourists. Other folk arts such as statue and painting are also interested by many foreign and local tourists.

  • Traditions in Bali

    Some travelers feel that Bali island has unique things like people still do worshiping or various processions to God. Local people doing this because they fear that there will be danger or calamity will be come if they don’t do that.

  • Traditional ceremonies

    The most popular traditional ceremony that still exist until now is Nyepi Day, Galungan, Melasti and many more. You can come to this amazing island and you will know what are they. They usually celebrates that ceremonies one time in a year.

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