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Enjoying Tour on Menjangan Island

Visa4bali – Awani Dream. Until now, tourist attractions in Indonesia that still very popular are the island of Bali and the small islands around it. The beauty of this place has become ‘the prima donna of the world’ and has become the most favorite tourist destination for foreign tourists. One of the very popular islands which is located close to the island of Bali is Menjangan Island. In the previous articles, we have discussed where you can visit, what you can enjoy, and some tips that you can use while you are on vacation on Menjangan island. In this article we will discuss about the island of Menjangan itself.

menjangan islandMenjangan Island has no inhabitants, but the natural scenery around here can refresh the minds and hearts of the visitors. One of the most iconic of this island is the white sand that looks very beautiful. Then the beauty of the sea and the life in it is very interesting.

If you’ve seen the Nemo fish movie, then that’s how beautiful the underwater world is in this place. This looks even more perfect with the presence of strong and tall coral reefs enhanced by the sea water which is so clear that it makes it cool to look at. Many people do not know that the island of Menjangan is divided into 2, namely the large island and the small island.

Big Menjangan Island

The Big Menjangan Island is about 15 minutes from the harbor of Syahbandar Karimunjawa. There you don’t have to worry about accommodation, there are various kinds of accommodation that you can use, such as private vehicles and public transportation.

On Big Menjangan Island, there is a shark sanctuary and a turtle sanctuary. There are also water sports that you can try and culinary tours that are very interesting to try. If you are interested in buying souvenirs or buying seafood, you can come to cages. The prices offered by the traders there are much cheaper than the prices on the market.

Small Menjangan Island

After being satisfied with everything on the big Menjangan Island, then the next tourist destination is the Small Menjangan Island. This small island is very close to the big Menjangan island, so it doesn’t cost a lot if you want to stop by here. From Karimunjawa, the small island of Menjangan is located in the southwest. Small Menjangan Island is an uninhabited place and managed by company called Awani Dream. You can prove it by yourself about the beauty of the tourist attractions there.

Until now, no fees are required for people who want to visit the beaches on this island. So entering the beach here is free and open to the public for 24 hours! Imagine, you can vacation on an island without residents like this place is your personal island! There are many activities that visitors can do if they want to vacation on an island not far from the island of Bali

  • Enjoy the beauty of the beach
  • Enjoying the sunset in the afternoon with friends, family or partner
  • Get the best photo spots and add to your photo collection
  • Snorkel and dive and get an amazing underwater view
  • Swim with sharks

Menjangan Island can be an option to spend a vacation for those of you who want to enjoy beautiful natural scenery and marine life, this place is also very suitable for people who like adrenaline-pumping activities. It doesn’t have meaning that vacationing here is dangerous guys. Based on information, if you are on vacation to this island, you will be accompanied by officers. Because every tourist who visits this place will be accompanied by officers provided from the management.

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