Enjoying The Beauty Of Nature in Bali !

Having plan in the future for go to Bali island to get memorable experience of your holidays? Everyone knows the beauty of Bali island. Bali island belongs to one of the most beautiful part from Indonesia. Even for some people who don’t know Indonesia country in the past, they will know that Bali island was exist. This is proof that Bali is popular all around the world.

Bali has so many wonderful place. You can find natural scenery, beach, and also unique things such arts and Bali culture that can be found only in Bali. In another article we have share it, and we will talk more about Bali here.

Bali island is good option for people who loves natural nuance. Everything about nature are exists here. Besides the unique culture and the arts, people interest to spend their holidays in Bali because it has a lot of options for beach, lake, mountain nature, and also other nature activity. Doing this nature activity is usually done because they feel bored with their activity in the middle of town. Finding green scenery, cool atmosphere and also away from the city noise and traffic jam is almost impossible things to find in town.

This is also made not only tourist interested to Bali, but business man also interest to make investment in the tourism side. There are a lot of nature activities in Bali, we will collect the most likable nature activities loved by local or domestic tourist you might try during your vacation’s in Bali

bali1.Rafting tour at Telaga Waja River

For this rafting activity, telaga waja river has different character compare to other rivers. Telaga waja river located in Karangasem and offering longest rafting route in Bali. The approximation of this river is about 16 kilo meters. To finish this rafting route you will need 2 hours 30 minutes or depends on how fast the river flow while you guys doing rafting.

2. Rafting activities at Uyung Ubud river

This is the same place as telaga waja river, but Uyung ubud offering slow flow. So for you people who doesn’t love extreme rafting, you can choose this river as your options. Besides the slow flow, uyung ubud has beautiful view surrounding the river, enhanced with lush trees and there are also carvings applied on the river walls.


3. Parasailing at Tanjung Benoa

This is belongs to one of the most popular iconic activities in Bali. Parasailing is activity of flying in the middle of the sea using a parachute. To get fly this parasailing  will have rope on the parachute and drowned by the speed boat. There are 2 types of parasailing in Bali

  • Single parasailing, this is only fly for 1 person.
  • Tandem parasailing adventure, the participants will be 2 or 3 people in the same time.

4.Sea/Ocean Walker

The sea walker also known as ocean walker or marine walker. This activity walking on the seabed wearing an airtight helmet. For you who can’t do diving, do not worry, you still can try this one because this is the most favorite activity for tourist with no diving experience but wanting to feel the beauty of the sea.

5. Banana boat ride

Banana boat is a boat made from rubber that looks like a banana. This activity mostly loved by the family with their kids. To get this banana boat working, there is rope that tied to a boat and then pulled by a speed boat. If you want to try this with your beloved couple and your kids, the location of banana boat is in Tanjung Benoa beach.

So many interesting activities in Bali you want to try, right? Contact us for your plan for visiting bali, we could offer you our best service.

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