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Enchanting Lake of Beratan Bedugul

Bali Visa Info – Having fun in Bali island is not always about the beaches and doing water sports. Other natural tourism on this island is offering best panorama and experiences for the visitors. Bali island is one of the popular tourism destinations by having best natural panorama, and in this article we will discuss about the enchanting lake of Beratan Bedugul in Balinese island.

The Beauty of Lake Beratan

The traditional things that happened on Bali island until now is making this island having exotic panorama. They are combined with modern era that can’t be denied. To be honest, the name of this lake is only Beratan Lake, but due to the location of this lake was on Bedugul, people call them Beratan Bedugul lake. This tourism object is located on 1239 meters above sea level, that’s why the atmosphere surrounds there very cool, quiet and relaxing. If you have planning to visit this place, it is better to bring umbrella or raincoat because rain intensity at this place is quite high. The operating hours of this place is starts from 8 am to 6 pm.

Beratan Bedugul

The main attractions of this lake are on below

  1. Temple that placed in the middle of lake. The temple’s name is Ulun Danu Beratan Bedugul temple. This unique temple was built on the middle of lake and looks like floating temple. This temple belongs to the iconic tourism destination of Balinese island. This building has a very Balinese characteristic, namely the presence of a terraced roof.

  2. Cool atmosphere surrounds the mountain. Because of the location of the temple on 1239 meters above sea level, you can feel calm by enjoying the cool air around this place.

  3. The rain intensity at this place is quite high, so please bring raincoat or umbrella during your time visit here.

  4. Inside area of Beratan lake, you can found colorful flowers and shady pine tree, perfected with green grass surrounding the temple.

  5. Still in the inside area of this lake, besides having beautiful plantations, there is deer in the tourist area of Ulun Danu temple at Beratan Bedugul.

  6. No need to worry about facility at this place, you can find good toilet, and play area for children. And parking area for this lake is quite large and safe.

  7. The plantation area is arranged neatly and the cleanliness of the tourist attractions is very well maintained.

  8. There are many gift shops selling Balinese souvenirs as well and buffet restaurants.

  9. There are stalls or restaurants with various food menus located near the Bedugul lake area.

  10. There are lots of places to stay for those who want to spend night in the Bedugul area of Balinese island.

Those 10 points above are the advantages by having fun at this temple. There is not only scenery offers to the visitors, but there is other popular activities loved by lots of visitors on this temple. Many tourist even for domestic or foreign tourists are wanting to have memorable pictures close to the temple. But due to so many people coming to this place and wanting the same thing, it is difficult to take photos without having someone else beside you. The solution for this is to come early. The most interesting and beautiful sigh from this temple you can see is the mist. The mist sometimes seen and disappears over the surface of the lake. If the fog falls, the lake and hill views will be covered by the fog. Not only lake and hill, the mist and the fog will be covering the temple area as well. A refreshing atmosphere to get, isn’t it?

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