Chocolate Village, located in Tabanan Bali

chocolate village
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Bali Visa Info – There is a Chocolate Village in Bali, precisely in Cau Village, Marga District, Tabanan Regency. Everyone loves chocolate, right? In addition, chocolate is a snack that is very popular with children.

But most of the children never know how to cultivate chocolate fruit until the process of making it.

To learn that all children can come to chocolate tourist attractions in Bali, tourists can try it by visiting chocolate attractions.

New Attractions in Tabanan

chocolate village
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Bali not only offers an atmosphere of beach vacations, mountains, rice fields, beach clubs, restaurants, or spa places, but Bali also offers educational holidays.

Like this “Chocolate Village” in Tabanan, Bali. This chocolate village is a new tourist attraction in the Tabanan area.

Who would have thought that since it opened in October 2020, Bali Chocolate Village, has now become the most sought after destination by tourists and local residents.

The owner of the Cocoa Village, I Wayan Alit Artha Wiguna, said that the reason why travelers choose a vacation spot to Bali Cokelat Village, apart from traveling, they are also given the opportunity to see various types of chocolate trees and another interesting option is to try the challenge of how to make chocolate itself so that it is suitable for consumption. 

Educational Tour

chocolate village
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Bali Chocolate Village is the newest tourist destination for all of you, here there are cocoa plantations, cocoa processing factories and restaurants.

You will get information on how to process cocoa beans from the beginning of fermentation until they become chocolate that is ready for consumption.

You Will Be Taken On A Tour Of The Chocolate Plantation

chocolate village
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When you arrive at the location, you are given the opportunity to see various types of chocolate trees and other interesting choices.

Like trying the challenge of how to make the chocolate itself so that it is suitable for consumption. But, before you accept the challenge of making chocolate, you are first invited to tour by a tour guide to see the cacao types of chocolate trees and see the process of making and packaging chocolate that is ready to be consumed behind a glass room that has been prepared.

With a ticket price of IDR 20,000 per person, you will get an insight into how chocolate is processed from the beginning of making to packaging.

The Hope Behind Tabanan Chocolate Village

The owner of the Cocoa Village, I Wayan Alit Artha Wiguna himself has the hope that hopefully the existence of the Bali Cokelat Village can be useful for the younger generation, especially so that they can see firsthand the manufacturing process and participate in preserving the local products of cocoa farmers in Bali.

How ? Bali is so complex not when it comes to holidays, educational holidays are also available in Bali. So, welcome to Bali..

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