Beautiful Things About Double Six Beach

Visa4bali – Double Six Beach. The Seminyak area in Bali has myriad of choices for you to enjoy the day. This time we will discuss about Double Six Beach in the Seminyak area, Bali. This beach is one of the most popular beaches in Bali and its location is close to Seminyak Beach and Kuta Beach. Many foreign tourists make this beach included in their list of vacation spots when stay in Bali. Because of its very strategic location, you can get 3 beautiful beaches at once when visiting this area.

The beautiful scenery on Double Six Beach will not make visitors give up, and will make them want to visit this place again. There are many bean bags on this beach. Bean bag is a seat cushion for tourists who are used to enjoy the atmosphere around the beach. It is also equipped with a small table to put drinks and food that has been ordered. Even some cafes have bean bags with colorful roofs scattered along the double six beach.

The location of this beach is close to the beaches of Seminyak and Kuta, so the beauty offered by this beach is more than less the same. The land on the double six beach is flat and has a wide sand area, which makes many tourists decide to do volleyball on this beach. Not only that, there are several trees growing there making the scenery look cool around the beach. So, what activities can be done when visiting this beach? Check out some of the following activities that you can try when you visit Double Six Beach in the Seminyak area

  • Sunbathe on the beach and enjoy a massage from a therapist around the beach

Sunbathing activities on the beach are favorite thing of foreign tourists visiting Bali. But enjoying the warm sunshine while enjoying a massage from a therapist around the beach is definitely the perfect thing to have. Many people around Double Six Beach offer massage services during the day. Your body will immediately relax due to the touch of their professional hands.

Double Six Beach


  • Play beach volleyball at Double Six Beach

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, double six beach has flat land and the sand is very wide, making tourists who visit this beach choose to do beach volleyball. It will be very nice to spend time with friends and family doing sports on the beach, this will be an unforgettable moment after coming home from this place. Usually visitors will do this sport in the morning and evening.

  • Take a walk to enjoy the beach

You can walk to just enjoy the beautiful view of double six beach. Because of its strategic location close to Kuta and Seminyak beaches, it has a super beautiful view of the high seas. Guaranteed you will not feel tired even if you walk along this beach, because the scenery will spoil the eyes of everyone who sees it.

  • Surf conquers the waves

One of the water sports favored by many foreign tourists is surfing. At double six beach, there are big waves and the current in the middle of the coast is very strong. This makes this place one of the favorite surfing spots. There are many places that rent surf equipment completed with coach services as well. If you want to try to conquer the waves at Double Six Beach, you can come here around 8 am. At that hour you will be able to meet the high waves.

To be able to enter the double six beach, visitors will not be charged or free. You will only be charged for parking. This beach is open to the public for 24 hours so you will be satisfied to enjoy the beautiful scenery of this beach without the need to think about time.

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