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Untiring On Bali Island Post-Covid With Visa4Bali

visa4bali – Hi Nature Lovers! The good news has finally arrived! In the information conveyed by the Minister of Law and Human Rights that currently the State of Indonesia has opened its doors again for foreign tourists, apparently it is an immunity booster for travelers! Why is that so?

Visa4Bali – The Leading Visa Service Company in Bali

visa4baliWe have been in a very difficult situation for almost 2 years. Either difficult in economic conditions and also health. Everyone has been asked to keep their distance, apply health protocols everywhere which give greatly affects to the tourism sector.

As a result, many tourist destinations have closed and this is causing people lose their jobs. However, after the emergence of this new regulation from the Minister of Law and Human Rights, it is hoped that the tourism sector can improve in terms of its economy. This is a very good opportunity for foreign tourists to be able to return to visit this amazing island of Bali.

The beauty of the natural scenery and also the beaches are so missed by lots of people. But before you decide to visit this place again, you need to make sure all your document needs are properly resolved. So as long as you stay in Bali, there will be no unexpected problems that arise. The important thing that you need to prepare well besides your passport is a Visa. You can contact our Bali visa company ‘visa4bali‘ to help you take care of all your visa needs and also your visa extension.

More than 8 years of Experience

We have more than 8 years of experience serving a wide range of clients. We have assisted many foreign tourists in taking care of all their visa needs during their stay on Bali island. We are a professional visa agency, and we will be happy to help you to take care of your visa needs from start to finish. So you don’t have to be worry, we even have 24-hour customer care! Judging from the long time we have served various clients, it is evident that we have a very good reputation in the field of visa agency. We work closely with the immigration office and provide very reasonable prices.

We even have document pick up service for your documents that will be used to apply your visa. The types of visas that are usually applied by foreign tourists in Bali are as follows:

  • Onshore Visa E-Visa
  • Off Shore Visa E-Visa
  • Social Visa B-211
  • Visa On Arrival

Please visit our website for detailed pricing for each of the services above. Or you can also send your questions about visa information through our social media.

Visiting Bali after staying silent for 2 years can be a very good medicine for your heart and mind. If in the past few years you can only imagine beautiful sunrises and sunsets, do thrilling water sports or play on the beach with your beloved children. Then with the regulation of the Minister of Law and Human Rights issued by the government recently, all of these are no longer just a dream.

You can come back to Bali and explore the nature on this beautiful island. You can enjoy beautiful beaches in Canggu, Jimbaran, Seminyak or Sanur and Kuta areas! Besides the beach, there is view from rice terraces soothing to your eyes, or go to the waterfall to enjoy the cold natural atmosphere. Anyway, you can really forget the boring times during yesterday’s quarantine!

Now, Bali has opened its doors to foreign tourists. So this is your chance to release stress and fatigue during the COVID-19 quarantine period. If you need help getting to this island, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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