Amazing Offers From The Bali Hotels To Visitors During The Pandemic

Visa Info Bali – On the previous articles, we have talked about sectors that receiving impact of covid19 pandemic. On Bali island, the party who is most affected by the covid19 pandemic is the tourism industry. Not only tourism objects, but hotels, resort or villa, restaurants, spa facilities and also street vendors that selling gifts for the tourists suffer a lot because having no income during this pandemic era. The ideas of having good stay in Bali island is such a something that is very difficult to be realized.

The hotel managements on Bali island are trying to survive on this difficult situation by releasing special programs for their facilities. Some of hotels have amazing promotions by offering cheap prices of accommodation combined with other facilities that owned by the hotel. These are examples of how hotels retain their employees and without having to reduce the workforce because of the pandemic era. If you usually you need to pay a lot of money for staying at luxury hotels, now when pandemic situation happened, you only have to pay half the price! Crazy isn’t it?


Lots of people both local or foreigners are attracted with the ideas of stay in Bali with amazing promotions that offers by many luxury hotels with affordable prices. Here are some ideas from the business people to survive on this difficult conditions

  • Hotel is different with villa. Hotel usually giving charges for the room counted by day, but villa counting the price of the accommodations by month. While the facilities on villa is more completed compare to hotels. This is the main reasons why hotels trying to decrease their prices until half of the common price! People think that this is may interesting to try. The hotels such as Jambu Luwuk Seminyak giving crazy price for staying there for a month! In fact, by giving this very cheap price, the hotel has no advantage for their economy. But why they doing this? The only reason is because they’d like to keep their employee working. The accommodation promo will be only for the room, but for other facilities such food and the gym are excluded.

  • Implementing health protocols on all sides of the hotel both outside and inside. Apart from only having a standing vanity before entering the room, or having hand sanitizer that available in every side of hotels, now there is new rule in Indonesia country that must be owned by the public. If you want to enter a mall or public facility you must show proof of vaccination, at least done the first dose of vaccination.

If you are travelers who come from the outside of Indonesia country, you need to know that now free visa arrival is unavailable. But still, there is a way for you to enter Indonesia. Government now releasing new term about visa to foreigners entering Indonesia. Please contact our via agency to help you come to this beautiful island even though we are in pandemic! Or you may to look on our previous article about that new term of Visa.

Besides having interesting prices for your room, here are some reasons for you why hotels in Bali deserve to be your place to stay while you are in Bali island

  • The hotels in Bali island are amazingly beautiful and having strategic location

  • Most of the hotels are having simple interior even though it was a luxurious hotel. They are combining traditional and modern nuances for it.

  • In case you’ve chosen affordable price of hotels and the designs for the building is simple, but they are captivating and makes us want to stay longer there.

  • The hotel location is usually close from the beach and made you can see the sunset from your bed!

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