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8 Exotic Beaches in North Bali with Black and White Sands

Visa Bali Info – Domestic tourists and foreign tourists, while on vacation on the island of Bali will prioritize visiting southern Bali tourist attractions such as Kuta beach Bali and central Bali tourist attractions such as tourist attractions in Ubud Bali.

But have you ever enjoyed tourist destinations in North Bali?

The popularity of tourism in North Bali is not as high as South Bali or even West Bali. Even though tourist destinations in North Bali are no less beautiful than those in other Bali areas.

Although this area is located very far away and behind the mountains, there are many tourist attractions, one of which is a beach attraction. Most of the beaches in northern Bali have sparkling black sand.

Although the fame is still far behind the beaches in south Bali, its naturalness and beauty can be compared to the beaches in south Bali.

Here are 10 beautiful and popular beach attractions in North Bali that you can visit if you happen to be on vacation in North Bali.

1. Lovina Beach

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This sparkling black sandy beach is the most popular beach in North Bali, even in the top 8 most popular beaches in Bali according to Google’s version.

The attraction of Lovina Beach is the attraction of dolphins in the middle of the sea. To be able to see dolphin attractions up close on Lovina beach, you have to go to the middle of the sea before sunrise by renting a fishing boat owned by local residents.

Lovina beach is also a good spot for diving.

2. Sungu Stone Beach

This black sandy beach is ready to spoil your holiday atmosphere. Batu Sungu Beach is located in Les Village, Tejakula District, Buleleng Regency.

The beach with conditions that are still calm and quiet, will make you enjoy the waves and the sea breeze away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Not far from the beach area, in a mountainous area travelers will be offered to visit the flying waterfall, namely the Yeh Mampeh waterfall or more popularly known as the Les waterfall.

3. Umeanyar Beach

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This beach is located in Umeanyar Village, Seririt District, Buleleng Regency. The location of this beach is flanked by a stretch of green rice fields.

For you lovers of diving, this beach has become popular and a favorite of divers because of the existence of diving facilities and you can also see the attraction of dolphins in the middle of the sea.

This beach also has a very beautiful view. During the day you will see fishing boats lined up neatly in this area, of course this will add to the beautiful panorama of this Umeanyar beach.

4. Beach Penimbangan

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Playing canoe is an activity that can be done besides bathing or just hanging out on this beach.

On certain days, canoe games on the beach are contested. The aim is to introduce the potential of the weighing beach as a canoeing location for tourists in North Bali.

5. Banyuwedang Beach

The most popular tourist attraction here is the hot springs. This hot spring is on the beach.

The situation around it is that there are a lot of verdant mangrove trees, it’s a sight that you rarely find anywhere else.

The location of this beach is in Banjar Banyuwedang, Pejarakan Village, Grokgak District, Buleleng Regency.

6. Kerobokan Beach

This black sand beach will also be your favorite when you visit this beach.

Here you can spend time enjoying the beauty of the sunset, or even you can dive to see the beauty of the underwater life of this Kerobokan beach.

On this beach, a park was built for you to enjoy the beauty of the beach, what is unique is that this beach holds a Sailboat Competition every year in the context of the anniversary of the city of Singaraja.

7. Batu Ampar Pejarakan Beach

This beach is included as a hidden white sand beach category because not many know about the existence of this beach.

Here there is a coral reef park, Batu Ampar beach is no less beautiful than in other areas, even more beautiful than the underwater charm in Tulamben.

There are supporting facilities such as duck bikes to go around this coastal waters, canoes, and boats. In addition, there is also a large enough parking area, toilets and showers to clean yourself up after playing in the sand or remove the effects of salt that sticks to our bodies due to sea water.

8. Pemuteran Beach

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This area also has exotic white sand beaches that can be juxtaposed with beaches in South Bali for its beauty.

Pemuteran Beach is famous for the beauty of its coral reefs. Tourists who visit this area are usually divers who want to see the underwater charm.

The state of the beach which is still calm and away from the crowds of the city, will take you on a relaxing vacation.

How? Interested in enjoying the charm of the northern Bali beach area? Book your holiday tickets right away and see you in northern Bali.


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