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7 Best Bali Sea List in Badung

visa4bali – Bali Sea List. The beauty of the beaches in Bali will no longer be doubted by anyone, even in all corners of the world. Bali offers natural beauty that is still beautiful and natural, and has very exotic beach enhanced with black, white to pink sand. Each region in Bali island has its own characteristics and uniqueness that makes the place different from the others.

If so far the most famous beach tourism areas are in the Kuta, Nusa Dua or Jimbaran areas, then you need to know that there are very beautiful beaches in the Badung area, Bali. Before you decide to go on vacation to Bali, there’s nothing wrong with typing a search in your search engine about the most recommended Bali sea in the Badung area.

Bali Sea ListThe Badung area is very wide, covering 420 km2 and has dozens of beautiful beaches that line the outskirts of the area. There have been so many tourists who have proven the beauty of the beaches, both local and foreign tourists.

Most of the beaches in the Badung area are beautiful white sandy beaches and are so enchanting. Well, we have summarized the following some beaches that can be taken into consideration for you to visit for your vacation plans.

7 Bali Sea List in Badung Area

Gunung Payung Beach

If you are one of those people who like private beaches, then Gunung Umbrella Beach is worthy for you to visit. This beach location is still hidden and still so natural. Perfected with its white sand and its location between high cliffs, this beach is so beautiful.

Melasti Beach

One of the beaches that you can enjoy the beauty from the top of the hill is Melasti beach. This beach is located on the peninsula of the Ungasan hill and is about 9 kilometers from Kuta. The distance is not too far if you walk from Kuta. You will be presented with the beauty of the blue sea water that refreshes the eyes combined with views of the hills filled with green trees along the road to the beach.

Dreamland Beach

The beach, which is famous for its fine sand and is located in an elite area, is one of the beaches that has beautiful views that resemble Kuta beach. The beautiful blue sea water combined with the high cliffs and towering rocks make it look very perfect and beautiful!

Tegalwangi Beach

One of the beaches used in the Melasti celebration ceremony is Tegal Wangi Beach. This beach is included in the list of beaches that you must visit. White beach sand combined with turquoise sea water really makes the eyes of those who see it so fascinated by its beauty.

Nyang-Nyang Beach

This beach is directly opposite the Indian Ocean which is a very suitable place for the surfers. In 2018 when CNN named Nyang-Nyang beach as one of the best beaches in the world.

Batu Belig Beach

You can get views of the sunset or sunrise on the beach at Batu Belig Beach. The picture of the beauty of the afternoon complete with the panorama around you will certainly look so beautiful and enchanting. The chill of the afternoon which is enhanced by the beauty of the panorama in the afternoon will be very beautiful to the eyes of the beholder.

Green Bowl Beach

The beach with the title of the best beach in the southern area of Bali is the green bowl beach. The location of this beach is not easily accessible or can be said to be hidden, making this beach still very natural. When you visit this beach you will feel like you are on vacation at a private beach! The green bowl beach is so special because it has a view of the turquoise color of the sea water, which makes it look so enchanting!

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