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5 Unique Hotels in Bali with Affordable Prices!

Visa4bali – Unique Hotels in Bali. It has been almost 2 years that all countries in the world have been affected by the spread of the COVID-19 virus. As a result, all sectors of the economy were paralyzed and many people lost their jobs. But now everything has passed, the world situation has started to improve and some countries have opened their doors again to foreign nationals.

Indonesia is one of the countries that has opened its doors for foreign tourists who want to enter Indonesian territory through the Riau archipelago and the island of Bali. Now, from the opening of the doors of the Indonesian state, there are many hotels and other inns in Bali that are holding massive promotions. If you have plans for a vacation, especially if Bali is your tourist destination this time, we will provide information about hotels in Bali with unique designs and buildings but offering best service with affordable rental prices.

Unique Hotels in Bali

5 Unique Hotels in Bali

Here, we have summarized the information below

MaxOne Hotels

This hotel is located in the Jimbaran area, which is a very busy area with both local and foreign tourists. Even though it is an area that is always crowded, there are hotels that you can choose as a temporary residence that is affordable but still with good design and facilities. This hotel is on a hill in Jimbaran, so you can immediately see the beautiful view from your room directly. There is a rooftop swimming pool which is also equipped with a SKYMAX garden for visitors who like the night atmosphere in Bali.

Bliss Surfer Hotel

This hotel is located in Legian, Bali with very cheap rental rates. The name of this hotel uses the word ‘surfer’ because it describes that the service of this hotel is very cool, relaxed but still memorable. There is no need to doubt about the hotel facilities, although the rental price is very affordable, this hotel is equipped with spa and family room. The design of the hotel is also very cozy and cool, perfect for holidays for young people and families with children.

Bali Bio Villas

This hotel is in the Uluwatu area, where Uluwatu is one of the tourist attractions that has so many amazing natural attractions. You can walk around in Uluwatu and stay at this hotel at night. In addition to the very affordable price, the facilities and building design of this hotel are perfect for those of you who like barbeques together with friends or family. The location is also very strategic because it is close to Padang-Padang beach and Dreamland beach and close to Uluwatu Temple. You can imagine how beautiful and amazing the scenery around the hotel is. Of course, this hotel is also equipped with an outdoor swimming pool that you can use with your tour group later!

Ibis Bali Legian Street

As the name suggests, this hotel is located in Legian, Bali. There is something special about this hotel which offers views of the outdoor swimming pool on the top floor and also this hotel is located between 2 famous beaches in Bali, Kuta and Legian. Very cool, isn’t it? Modern feel surrounds this hotel, even the room design is like a design magazine catalog. This place is perfect for those of you who like to shop and hangout because of its strategic location.

Summerhome Ummasari Boutique Hotel.

Then in the Seminyak area there is Summerhome Ummasari Boutique Hotel for those of you who like the feel of a beach house. The hotel is predominantly blue and white, and the design and decor of the building is reminiscent of a beach house in the United States. The hotel staff at this hotel are also very friendly and kind. The place is cozy and really comfortable.

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