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5 Best Restaurants in Jimbaran Bali

Visa4Bali- Talking about holidays on the island of Bali, surely some tourists have heard of Jimbaran. Well, Jimbaran is one of the tourist areas on the island of Bali which is very crowded and visited by many domestic and foreign tourists. There are many tourist destinations such as beaches, cultural parks to Garuda Wisnu Kencana. Not only enjoying a memorable vacation in the Jimbaran area, in this area there are many restaurants and cafes that offer delicious and delicious food. Here we have summarized some of the best restaurants in the Jimbaran Bali area that you can make it to your list when visiting this area

Warung Mami

Warung Mami is one of the seafood restaurants in the Jimbaran area, which offers seafood dishes but equipped with Balinese spices. You must try this restaurant because there are many special dishes such as white snapper, kurisi, shrimp to white scallops which are enhanced with genep seasoning (a type of Balinese spice that is smeared on cooking) before the roasting process.

All of these things make the food served to taste very delicious and perfect. Visitors can also enjoy various types of chili sauce, because this restaurant is equipped with grilled fish sauce such as sambal matah and fried garlic.

Nelayan Restaurant

Nelayan Restaurant is one of the favorite restaurants for local tourists in Jimbaran. What is more interesting here is that this restaurant serves seafood dishes in a traditional and fushion way. The dishes here are enhanced with special spices that this restaurant only makes. Besides enjoying delicious seafood dishes, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the beach with the sunset as the end of your day!

Menega Cafe

This restaurant, which is located on Jalan Four Seasons Resort Muaya Beach, Jimbaran serves seafood as their main and main menu. The atmosphere and feel of the restaurant is almost the same as other restaurants in Jimbaran, but what’s interesting here is the way the food is served. Menega Cafe serves their dishes grilled, and there are dozens of tables and chairs arranged neatly for diners.

Because this restaurant is on the beach, you can invite your partner to have dinner together at this restaurant, perfected with a romantic feel completed as a candle light dinner. There are lanterns that surround the restaurant which will give a romantic and warm impression. You can also invite friends, family or couples to be able to eat together here while waiting for the sunset. This restaurant is open from morning to 11 pm.

Bela Seafood

This restaurant also offers seafood as the main menu. Bela Seafood restaurant has been around since 1991 and located on Jalan Four Season Resort Jimbaran. For those of you who really like seafood, then you have to come and feel for yourself the enjoyment of seafood dishes in this restaurant. You can enjoy a variety of seafood such as shrimp, fish or squid to lobster. This restaurant is suitable for you to come together with friends, family and even couples.

Bendesa Cafe Jimbaran

This restaurant is located in Pemelisan Agung, Jimbaran, and located in a beachfront area. The majority of restaurants located in the beachfront area will make seafood as their main menu, including at Bendesa Cafe Jimbaran. Bendesa Cafe Jimbaran offers delicious seafood at an affordable price. The menu starts from grilled fish, plecing,  vegetables to fried shrimp. You can enjoy all of these delicious dishes at affordable prices and with beautiful views around the beach.

Don’t forget to make those 5 restaurants list as your reference if you have time to visit Jimbaran area. It will be something that completing your vacation by enjoying delicious dishes!

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