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4 Fun Places in Bali to Celebrate Christmas

Visa4Bali – Celebrate Christmas. Entering December, the atmosphere and feel of Christmas can already be felt. This month is one of the most awaited months by many people within a year, because at the end of the month there will be a Christmas holiday and also a New Year’s holiday. Having ideas for celebrating Christmas in Bali is something that many people think about. This is because the island of Bali offers millions of charms of its beauty ranging from its beautiful scenery and natural attractions, beaches, night clubs, hotels to restaurants ready to serve various kinds of activities or events that are very interesting for visitors to try.

Celebrate Christmas4 Tourist Destinations for Celebrate Christmas and New Year

Here we will summarize fun places to be your destination to celebrate Christmas and New Year while in Bali. Check out the following information

Kuta beach

The beach always has a charm to be a tourist destination in any season. Especially for the Christmas and New Year holiday season, the beach is a place where you can get exciting stories with friends, family or your partner. One of the beaches in Bali that is right and has many events leading up to Christmas and New Year is Kuta Beach. At Kuta beach there will be many performances and also a Abi flower party will also be held there which will spoil every visitor who is there.

This beach will be filled with tourists both local and foreign tourists. For those of you who want to celebrate Christmas and New Year at this beach, try to come since the afternoon because the area around the beach will be very full towards night. Fireworks displays and parties are indeed one of the traditions in every country to celebrate Christmas and New Year. And the beach area is a very good location to spend that special moment.


For those of you who want to be away from the frenetic atmosphere of the city and also want to get cool and fresh air, then the Ubud area is the answer! Ubud is one of the tourist destinations that is very fitting to welcome Christmas and the new year with a distinctive rural feel that is enhanced by the weather and fresh air. Many hotels and resorts are provided to complete your vacation. You can enjoy special moments with friends, partner or family here while having a barbecue party and of course enjoying the fireworks from a distance.


The Sanur area is one of the oldest tourist areas on the island of Bali. So there will be many tourists who come here to enjoy the view that is there. There are many events such as festivals and various kinds of dance that you can enjoy there. There is the art of the famous Kecak dance that can be enjoyed as well. You can also enjoy fireworks in this area. You will be able to enjoy a blend of local cultural elements and also western culture which will certainly spoil the eyes of every visitor who is there.


Night club lovers who want to spend Christmas and New Year’s holidays, the best answer is to be in the Seminyak area. The tourists who come to the Seminyak area tend to prefer Christmas and New Year’s events behind closed doors. Because this area is dominated by night clubs. The main attraction of all the clubs in the Seminyak area is the view seen from these clubs which are directly related to the beaches around there. Of course this is an added value that can satisfy every visitor who comes to the club!

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